Sips And Sliders At Sunset Hosted By YOLO Restaurant

Sips And Sliders At Sunset Hosted By YOLO

Sips And Sliders At Sunset Hosted By YOLO Restaurant

You know when you’re out at the clubs late at night and you see that Checkers is still open and you just have to stop and get a couple of “sliders”.  Well this ain’t Checkers at 3AM!

I’m not sure these gourmet offerings can even be denigrated by calling them sliders, but what the heck, it’s for charity so let’s go slumming for an evening and call these delicious ZAGAT type burgers sliders and have some fun.

YOLO, one of Fort Lauderdale’s trendiest restaurants is hosting a slider cook-off featuring some of the finest restaurants in the area. The event will be judges by some local celebrities. The Sips And Sliders At Sunset is presented to benefit the Jack & Jill Children’s Center.

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YOLO, the sophisticated eatery that brings the ‘You Only Live Once’ philosophy to life through cuisine and atmosphere, is hosting Sips and Sliders at Sunset on Thursday, April 21, 2011 from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.

YOLO is calling all slider specialists and aims to answer the age-old question – who has the best slider in town? Consider the gauntlet thrown. A challenge has been extended to Fort Lauderdale restaurants and in addition to YOLO throwing their hat into the ring, participants include Market 17, Johnny V, Rocco’s Tacos, Himmarshee, Big City, Mancinis, Grateful Palate, Blue Moon Fish Co., Ocean 3030 and more.

From the masterminds that brought a little friendly competition to the camaraderie amongst South Florida restaurants with Moonlight, Meatballs & Martinis in 2009 (a meatball cook-off)… comes a new contest that puts America’s favorite finger sandwich to the ultimate test. Consider this a follow up challenge of Fort Lauderdale restaurant’s culinary skills all in good fun – and food. Sips & Sliders at Sunset will bring these establishments together to compete to earn the title of ‘Fort Lauderdale’s Best Slider’ aka SoFla’s Slider Master.

Known for their delectable Meatball Sliders prepared with tomato gravy, arugula and herb ricotta, YOLO sets the slider bar pretty high. But to encourage a little friendly downtown competition, they are hosting the ultimate slider showdown, inviting some of South Florida’s favorite eateries to test their culinary talents among an audience of their patrons.

Each restaurant will create one sensational slider to represent their slider-making-skills. The entries will be reviewed by an elite panel of judges including Mayor Jack Seiler, as well as South Florida celebrities and culinary-geniuses as well as the hundreds of local residents and restaurant patrons in attendance who will help deem one restaurant The King of All Things Slider-related.

The winner will master the art of slider superiority by showcasing perfect portions, supremely prepared meats and unique toppings. The goal – to make a slider like no other that warrants a toast from the crowds and the slider champion crown. First, second and third place winners will receive an award plaque and bragging rights of course. After all, who doesn’t want to be called a Master Slider Maker?

Sips & Sliders at Sunset will offer guests a front row seat to the slider competition along with live music, great food and drinks and a chance to help a local, deserving charity. Proceeds from the event will benefit the Jack & Jill Children’s Center, a non-profit organization that offers an accredited program which supports the intellectual, emotional, physical and social development of young children.

It was founded in 1942 and has evolved into a community-based program with a community-based board of directors. Over the years, Jack & Jill has provided more than 13,000 children 1 million hours of child care. Its mission is to break the cycle of poverty for children of lower income working families in Broward County through the provision of family-oriented child care services and family intervention and support.

Tickets for Sips and Sliders at Sunset are available for $25 in advance and $30 at the door.

I’m not sure who will actually win and I’m pretty sure that it really doesn’t matter. What does matter is that this is an event you should support and the Jack & Jill Center is a great cause.

So come on out and taste some delicious food, the drinks will be flowing and it will be a lot of fun at Sips & Sliders at Sunse!

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