Kyojin Buffet Fort Lauderdale | Read This Review


Kyojin Buffet Fort Lauderdale | Read This Review

The Japanese-Style buffet Kyojin in Fort Lauderdale has been a favorite of sushi lovers and Asian foods for years. The freshest sushi, with tons of choices, are a huge draw for South Floridians.  The fact that there is a 120 foot long buffet bar, including a large variety of sumptuous desserts.

Their buffet includes Nigiri Sushi, Sashimi and many Sushi Rolls such as Rainbow, Mexican, California, American Dreams and much more. For those who do not with to eat raw fish, there’s no problem.

They  offer a large selection of Tempura, Salad, Teriyaki, and Hibachi (Japanese & Oriental Hot Food). Seafood lovers are in for real treat as well including peel & eat shrimp, scallops, raw oysters and mussels are included. Alaska snow crab is available Friday РSunday.

For their fresh seafood, Kyojin features Alaskan snow crab on weekend nights, rounding out the selection of shrimp, clams and oysters.

The sushi and sashimi features mouth-watering salmon, snapper, tuna and white tuna, eel, masago, and much, much more. Weekend dinners have fresh hamachi, tuna tataki, and choice sashimi.

Come on in and enjoy nigirisushi, handrolls, various sushi rolls, deep fried rolls, fish roe, seaweed, Japanese salads and more on their giant sushi bar.

Kyojin’s hibachi is the place for you to choose your meat and your veggies and be entertained as the skilled chef prepares your dish right before your eyes. You can also choose grilled teriyaki ribs and chicken, and succulent shrimp on the weekend. But try to save a little room for green tea ice cream.

And don’t forget about their fresh dessert fruit, and assortment of desserts including cakes, treats and ice creams. All this comes in an upscale atmosphere with friendly people to make your dining experience memorable.

The best part of hitting the buffet, is there is such a variety of choices, you can literally go there every day, and have a completely different experience. Great fresh food, terrific service, and more value and quality than you will find in any other sushi buffet in South Florida.

“For the price and quantity, it’s hard to go wrong”

– John Tanasychuk, Sun-Sentinel

“Kyojin, which expanded from Boca Raton to North Federal Highway, is a more upscale version of the family-style buffet”

– Rochelle Koff, The Herald

” Perhaps our favorite section of the restaurant is the hibachi table, where you can choose your own meat and veggies and have them prepared by skilled hibachi chefs ”

– Sara and Monty Preiser, Boca Raton News

” Chefs stand behind the sushi bar and continuously make the selections fresh, replenishing them constantly as the diners deplete them. ”

– Jen Karetnick, New Times Broward-Palm Beach

Kyojin Japanese Seafood Buffet Restaurant Fort Lauderdale Boca … Kyojin Japanese Seafood Buffet is one of the most unique, clean, and all encompassing Japanese Seafood Buffets around. Located just north of the Oakland

Kyojin Japanese Seafood Buffet | Locations Kyojin Buffet of Ft. Lauderdale 3485 N. Federal Highway Fort Lauderdale, FL 33306 2005-2010 Kyojin Japanese Seafood Buffet. All rights reserved. web

Kyojin Japanese Seafood Buffet Website | ReviewsKyojin, which expanded from Boca Raton to North Federal Highway in Fort Lauderdale 2 months ago, is a more upscale version of the family-style buffet

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