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Don't call a Broker. Call a Buyer!

Yes, the South Florida real estate market is indeed smoking hot right now. That is, for some homeowners.

A LOT of real estate agents will promise you the world. They’ll tell you that anything can sell at top price.

That isn’t true at all. If you don’t understand that now, you will after 3 or 4 contracts cancel on you or you’re asked to reduce your price every couple of weeks.

That’s when reality sets in for many homeowners. Before you agree to reduction after reduction, give us a call.

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    We're not asking you to list your property. We're going to make you a direct offer to buy it.

    No Open Houses Or Intrusions

    There's no need for an open house because other than an actual inspection, no one needs to come into your property.

    Any Condition Means Any Condition

    Don't worry about any repairs or renovations. Even code violations and liens won't prevent us from buying.