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Catfish Deweys Seafood Restaurant In Fort Lauderdale Review [Video]

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Catfish Deweys Seafood Restaurant In Fort Lauderdale Review.

Catfish has kept Catfish Deweys in business for 16 years at this unprepossessing, rustic, spot in the Fort Lauderdale area. If catfish are a bit too ambitious for you just yet, you will find plenty of other options on the menu, ranging from all-you-can-eat crab legs to a variety of other all-you-can-eat treats.

These include those catfish, of course, offered every day, along with shrimp on Monday and Tuesday and baby back ribs on Wednesday. At any time, you can try blackened shrimp, a strip steak, grilled chicken and, in stone crab season from October to May, those delectable claws.

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Here are some of the reviews from this great establishment here in the Fort Lauderdale  area:

“This is a southern seafood joint. I enjoy the clams, the snow crab, the catfish here… everything is blast-from-the-70s decor, but I like it. It feels like the real south in here, which is hard to find in the Fort Lauderdale area, (you have to go north to go ‘south’). And it’s so inexpensive compared to restaurants of comparable quality. It’s so “down home”.

Beware of the all-you-can-eat deals though. They’re only priced a dollar more for a reason…because unless you have a really really huge appetite, all you can eat is the regular sized entree. Portions are huge here, and come with lots of sides. But if you can handle it, go ahead, try the all-you-can-eat stone crab legs.

Where else can you find someplace that offers all-you-can-eat stone crab? But my boyfriend and I failed to eat much more than 2 lbs each; we about died.

Check their website for the specials of each day. At night it can get crowded at prime time depending on the special of the day.

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“We passed up stone crabs at Joe’s Stone Crabs on Miami Beach the night before because we were planning on Deweys in the Fort Lauderdale area the next night…hmmm $45 for 7 or 8 claws at Joe’s or $39 for all you can eat stone and snow crab at Deweys??? Duh!

7 of us ate here on Thursday night. We were seated quickly and well taken care of. The stone and snow crabs were awesome…and just kept coming. One of the guys had the catfish and said it was delicious. Don’t waste your time (or appetite) on the included side dishes…it’s all about the crab!!

This place reminded me of a panhandle seafood joint…laid back atmosphere with great food. Joe’s Key lime pie was better…but Dewey’s was pretty good.” By Steve S., Alpharatta, GA

“GREAT FOOD GREAT SERVICE. We were sent down from NY State DOT for clean up after hurricane Wilma. Once we found Deweys we went every chance we got. FRIENDLY and great atmosphere. Was the best place I have found to eat in all of FLORIDA. Went on a cruise and drove up from Miami to eat there again and it was AWESOME food. Going back for a cruise in Feb. and made hotel reservations in the area just so we could eat there again. The service was friendly and good and the food was EXCELLENT every time we went.

DON’T GO TO FORT LAUDERDALE WITHOUT GOING TO CATFISH DEWEYS. Anyone that I have taken there has loved the food and the service. Oh, and the prices are moderate, as well.

Wow, I guess they really liked the place! I know we do, Catfish Deweys  is one of our favorite restaurants in the Fort Lauderdale area.. Please stop by there, the service is tremendous, food fantastic, great prices and what an atmosphere. Enjoy!!

Open daily from 11:30 AM – 10:00 PM

4003 N. Andrews Avenue

Oakland Park, Florida


Chima Restaurant In Fort Lauderdale Review | Don’t Eat Here Until You Read This!

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Chima Restaurant In Fort Lauderdale Review | Don’t Eat Here Until You Read This!

There are as many as 4,000 restaurants in the Fort Lauderdale area. From your fast food joints to your ultra fine dining restaurants, you will never go hungry in Fort Lauderdale.

There is a dizzying array of places to choose from, so some researching will have to be done in order for you to find the type of dining experience you are looking for. You will find New Florida taste treats-seafood straight from the sea and field-fresh fruits and veggies.

The restaurants range from tiny cafes to expansive al fresco waterfront dining. An abundance of quaint bistros, ethnic enclaves and top-rated steak and seafood houses bolster the Fort Lauderdale area as a world-class destination for pleasurable culinary exploration.

We’ll begin our series of dining experiences with one area at a time. Let’s start with the famous Las Olas Boulevard. There are a number of restaurants on this lovely, tree-lined street. Many have been in the area for years, and are well-known, established eateries.

Chima is beginning to settle in as one of the most sought-after dining experiences here. The high-quality food, service, and general overall atmosphere has become a favorite among locals.

The feel is laid-back elegance as you are walking down the street, peering into the many one-of-a-kind boutiques, art galleries, antique shops, and of course, restaurants.

The al-fresco experience awaits you as you will see, there are many tables set up outside so the diners may take advantage of the Las Olas lifestyle, the great weather, and people watching.

One of the first places you will want to see is Chima Brazilian Steakhouse. Guests will find a most unique dining experience at Chima. Churrasco is the Brazilian style of barbecue.

“Churrascaria” and “rodizio” are the hottest buzzwords in today’s restaurant whirl, where the booming Brazilian population has pioneered and popularized its traditional steakhouses featuring a non-stop parade of gaucho-clad servers bearing giant skewers of meats directly from the rotisserie grill to the tables for slicing to order.

Beef in all its cuts is the headliner, but there’s also skewed sausage, pork, lamb, chicken and even some seafood on the side.

Preceding the parade is your own participation in round-tripping to the salad bar, a too-modest name for all the display of freshness and national specialties on the Brazilian buffet plus smoked salmon and soup, along with such traditional side dishes as black beans and rice, mashed potatoes and a great variety of olives.

But before attempting the huge salad bar, you should salute your good fortune at being able to be in the Pampas of southern Brazil with a classic “caipirinha,” a cocktail made with squeezed sugar cane liquor and lots of lime, sometimes with the infused additives of coconut, passion fruit and strawberry.

Desserts are well prepared a mousse made with passion fruit or a slice of rich cheesecake, Key lime pie or tiramisu, and the wine list is extensive.

The up-scale restaurant, with it’s  incredible architecture indoors as well as out is so inviting and warm. The decoration is magnificent, with a linear, simplistic-contemporary Brazilian style. They have a very extensive modern art collection as well.

Relax outside where you can sip on an aperitif before dining, and enjoy the gigantic Banyan tree over your head, the music faintly sounding in the background, as you prepare for a wonderful meal.

Chima Brazilian Steakhouse
2400 E. Las Olas Blvd.

Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33301

Capital Grille Review In Fort Lauderdale | Don’t Eat Here Until You Read This!

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Capital Grille Review In Fort Lauderdale | Don’t Eat Here Until You Read This!

One of the finest restaurants in the area is the Capital Grille. The Capital Grille is a Washington D.C. based steakhouse chain whose formula for success is a simple one. Offer nothing but sumptuous portions of the finest, aged beef, cooked to perfection in a high class environment by professional chefs and served by a highly trained and attentive waitstaff.

There is something on the menu to please everyone.The hors d’ouvres are memorable (try the calamari,for example). The side dishes are delectable and mean to be shared (you MUST try the lobster laced macaroni and cheese).

Have you ever lingered over dinner well into the evening? The Capital Grille is just that sort of place, where moments are captured and long remembered.

Perhaps it’s the culinary artistry of their dry aged steaks, fresh seafood and seasonal daily features. Or their celebrated wine cellar, featuring bottles from the world’s legendary vineyards. Some would point to a service team that blends finesse with a dash of surprise.

And if you are aesthetically inclined, you may appreciate the African mahogany paneling and original oil paintings, traditions that began with their inaugural location in Providence, Rhode Island, and happily, one right here in the Fort Lauderdale area.

Whatever the allure, it invites you to step into the kind of elegance that loosens its tie and laughs easily. Only then can you truly relax as the moments transform, one by one, into what you most assuredly will find to be an exceptional dining experience in the area.

The Capital Grille boasts an atmosphere of relaxed elegance and style. Nationally acclaimed for dry aging steaks on premises, the Capital Grille serves classic steak house offerings such as chops, large North Atlantic lobsters and fresh seafood. The restaurant features an award-winning wine list, professional, gracious service and premiere private dining rooms.

Let the masters of steak provide the perfect dining experience.During lunch, The Capital Grille offers notable dinner selectionsas well as a specially-crafted lunch menu in the $12 to $30 range. The Fort Lauderdale  area is very proud to have such a fine establishment here for we do enjoy the good life.

The Capital Grille offers full menu service in the bar/lounge.On-line reservations are valid in the main dining room. Should you wish to secure private dining accommodations, please call the restaurant directly and ask for Marta Larrea.

The Grille’s Signature Cheeseburger An “almost too big to wrap your hands around it” chopped sirloin burger topped with smoked bacon, Havarti cheese and our unique Jalapeno Onion Marmalade. A toasted onion roll completes the journey from All-American Classic to all new sensation.

Filet Oscar
Kona Crusted Dry Aged Sirloin with Caramelized Shallot Butter
Porcini Rubbed Delmonico with 8-Year Aged Balsamic
Sliced Filet Mignon with Cippolini Onions and Wild Mushrooms
Main Courses/Seafood
Dry Aged Sirloin Steak
Dry Aged Porterhouse Steak
Dry Aged Steak Au Poivre with a Courvoisier Cream Sauce
Filet Mignon
The Grille’s Delmonico
The Grille's Signature Veal Chop
Double Cut Lamb Chops
Split Roasted Chicken
Broiled Fresh Lobster
Fresh Grilled Swordfish Jardinière
Seared Citrus Glazed Salmon
Fresh Seared Salmon with Mustard Sauce
Sesame Seared Tuna with Gingered Rice

French Onion Soup Sweet onions are nestled in a delectable broth and covered by a blanket of melt-in-your-mouth cheeses.

Lobster Bisque Lumps of the sweetest lobster are sautaed just to your liking and added to a luscious bisque. Dry Sack Sherry is drizzled over the delightful affair.

And of course, check out the sample dessert menu…yummy! Enjoy your special moments at this amazing restaurant.

Cheesecake with strawberries

Fresh Berries in Vanilla Cream
Fresh Strawberries Capital Grille
Coconut Cream Pie
Homemade Ice Cream or Sorbet
Flourless Chocolate Espresso Cake
Key Lime Pie
Chocolate Hazelnut Cake
Classic Creme Brulee

So visit the Capital Grille and enjoy one of Fort Lauderdale’s finest restaurants!

The Capital Grille
2430 E. Sunrise Blvd.
Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
(954) 446-2000

Sage Cafe Restaurant Fort Lauderdale | Daily Deal Coupon

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Sage Cafe Restaurant Fort Lauderdale | Daily Deal Coupon

Do you love authentic French cuisine? Well the Sage Cafe might be what you’re looking for. We hope to be featuring the restaurant on the Fort Lauderdale Daily Deals very soon. I think our subscribers will really love the restaurant.

Once we get them onboard, we’ll be writing a long form review of the restaurant right here. So make sure you sign up to be notified when we go live with Sage Cafe by subscribing here for alerts on Chef Laurent’s Sage Cafe being featured.

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