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Fort Lauderdale Real Estate

About Me: Robin Sing-Cunningham:

Hi, my name is Robin Sing-Cunningham. I am a real estate agent serving Broward County, Florida. I live in Fort Lauderdale with my husband and I specialize in Fort Lauderdale area real estate. I have been a real estate agent for over 7 years and I love the freedom being a real estate agent affords me.

I am a native South Carolinian and I lived in the paradise of Maui for over 10 years. I have settled here in Fort Lauderdale with my husband Barry, who is an active real estate investor and is the host of the #1 real estate related talk radio show in America, Real Estate Radio USA.

Ocassionally I make appearances on the show to talk about Fort Lauderdale real estate and to keep an eye on him. I hear he tends to be a little tough on us Realtors but he’s just a big teddy bear at heart.

I love Fort Lauderdale because it allows me to participate in my favorite sport, big-game fishing! I love to fish and there’s nothing like fishing in the waters off the coast of South Florida. Other than being on the beach, it’s probably the number one reason I live in fort Lauderdale.Fort Lauderdale Real Estate

I also enjoy boating and scuba diving. So I guess you could say I love the Fort Lauderdale lifestyle. We work hard and we play hard and if you choose to make the Fort Lauderdale area your home or if you’d like to invest in Fort Lauderdale real estate I can show you the best Fort Lauderdale has to offer.

As a local Fort Lauderdale resident and experienced Realtor, my customers feel I provide them with the best in customer service with a sincere professional attention to detail.

I specialize in the marketing and selling of residential properties in the metro Fort Lauderdale area, and my specialization area includes all of South Florida. Fort Lauderdale has some of the finest residential neighborhoods in America including exquisite homes and condos in some of the most coveted yachting, golfing, gated and country club communities.

Fort Lauderdale Real EstateI also pride myself on working with investors and buyers looking for discounted, distressed properties. Many Realtors will not work in the foreclosure and short sale niche of real estate. I actually enjoy working short sales and I have built a great team of professionals to help manage short sales and facilitate the loss mitigation of these special situations.

My mission is to provide you with unsurpassed exceptional service by keeping you informed about current market conditions, adhering to the Realtor Code Of Ethics, practicing excellent communication skills and utilizing the latest in technological advances to ensure you are professionally represented at all times.

Blog Policy:
This blog is a personal blog written and edited by Robin Sing-Cunningham. For questions about this blog, please contact me directly. Fort Lauderdale Real EstateOpinions are mine and those of my contributing authors. When I present data, it is believed to be accurate, but is not guaranteed. You should never make financial or real estate decisions based on anything you read on the internet anywhere without first consulting your financial adviser, CPA, attorney and/or real estate professional.

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By clicking the submit button you are allowing an agent of this website the ability to contact you via email or phone. Regardless, if you belong to the national do-not-call registry.

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Notice: Please be advised that this website and blog are not affiliated in any way with Robin Ashley Investments. This domain name was purchased from that company and this blog and real estate business is not associated in anyway with Robin Ashley Investmets.

My Daughter, Ashley Cunningham Hodges , Had A Healthy Baby Girl!

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What can I say. I am one proud Papa and an even prouder Grandpa! Recently we welcomed little Taylor Marie into the world. She is so precious. My daughter, Ashley Cunningham Hodges is such a great mom. She already has a toddler. Tyler was our first grandchild. Now he has a baby sister.

Ashley is a teacher up in Fayetteville, North Carolina. I think she is a superwoman. Teaching and managing a home with two very young children. Kudos to my baby girl. Ashley will always be her daddy’s little girl.

Enough with my gushing, here’s little Taylor Marie Hodges. (The Notre Dame logo was my addition in commemoration of their drubbing of Oklahoma. yes, it was a great weekend!!

Taylor Marie Hodges

Taylor Marie Hodges

Please excuse my departure from our normal articles, but I’m so shouting from the rooftops on this one. My daughter, my fantastic little girl, Ashley Cunningham Hodges, has blessed me with a granddaughter. I just never thought I would feel this way. So excuse me if I pop a few buttons here!

Sport Fishing In Fort Lauderdale [Videos]

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Sport Fishing in the Fort Lauderdale Real Estate Market Area

Sport Fishing In Fort Lauderdale

Yes, we are lucky to live in paradise and “living the dream” is underscored by a great day of sport fishing in the waters off of the coast of Fort Lauderdale. We’re extremely lucky to be able to enjoy all of the perks of the South Florida lifestyle.

If you like fishing, and I mean big game sport fishing, we arguably have some of the best fishing in the world here. We also have, what I believe, is the best fleet of sport fishing boats in the world.

The captains and crews here in Fort Lauderdale and throughout South Florida will make your day out on the water a whole lot of fun. And you’ll catch some fish. Some even guarantee it.

If you’re looking to go out on a fishing trip this article features some of the best sport fishing charter boats in town. So give one of them a call if you want to go out. You’ll have a great time.



Sport Fishing in the Fort Lauderdale Real Estate Market Area

One such boat captain that guarantees you a great day and says you will surely catch some fish is the Lady Pamela 2. Check out the Lady Pamela 2 website for more information.

The Greater Fort Lauderdale area is known for its water sports, thanks to its beaches, waterways, lakes and fabulous weather year round. Deep sea fishing is extremely popular, because the Gulf Stream proximity to the coast is conveniently close to our shores.


Freshwater fishing, or inshore fishing is accessible along the waterways and in the nearby Everglades. Fort Lauderdale is known world-wide for high-stakes tournaments and is the home of the IGFA Fishing Hall of Fame.

There is always something new happening here, such as..“Ladies, Let’s Go Fishing!“.

Women have come from all points in the U.S. to participate in a “Ladies, Let’s Go Fishing!” seminar in Fort Lauderdale’s. The saltwater fishing and conservation skills they learned will be put to use on April 15-17, 2011, so go ahead and register today!


There were almost 50 women at this event, also known as the “No-Yelling School of Fishing”(very relaxed mode of teaching), including married women, single moms, business owners, attorneys, doctors, marine industry professionals, retirees, homemakers, teachers and more.

Lynn Keller, Naples, FL brought her mother so they could escape family pressures and enjoy a weekend in the outdoors together. “Fishing was the common denominator in the room,” commented seminar Director, Betty Bauman, recipient of national awards for the program’s success.


After the reception on Friday evening, Saturday’s learning sessions were conducted on beginner and intermediate/advanced levels by local speakers: Capt. Tony DiGiulian/bluewater fishing, Capt. Wayne Conn/bottom fishing, Chuck Baldwin/inshore fishing, Twig Tolle / fly fishing and Capt. Lee Lavery/fishing basics.

The seminars utilized several “hands-on” fishing exercises on Saturday afternoon, such as spin casting, net casting, knot tying, gaffing grapefruits, conservation, boat handling, backing a truck and trailer and reeling against pressure.

After the half day fishing trip on Sunday, the event concluded with a fish fillet demonstration at the Radisson Bahia Mar dock. A highlight of the trip, described as an ‘adrenaline rush’, was a 60 lb. golden amberjack caught by a team of ladies aboard Lady Pamela.

“The whole experience was so great that we will be back again!” said Brenda Franklin, Rock Hill, SC. On the majority of the boats, practically every participant had a chance to fight a fish.

Remember, a bad day fishing always is better than a good day at work! Let’s get out and land the BIG one!!

Catfish Deweys Seafood Restaurant In Fort Lauderdale Review [Video]

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Catfish Deweys Seafood Restaurant In Fort Lauderdale Review.

Catfish has kept Catfish Deweys in business for 16 years at this unprepossessing, rustic, spot in the Fort Lauderdale area. If catfish are a bit too ambitious for you just yet, you will find plenty of other options on the menu, ranging from all-you-can-eat crab legs to a variety of other all-you-can-eat treats.

These include those catfish, of course, offered every day, along with shrimp on Monday and Tuesday and baby back ribs on Wednesday. At any time, you can try blackened shrimp, a strip steak, grilled chicken and, in stone crab season from October to May, those delectable claws.

Fort Lauderdale Real Estate

Here are some of the reviews from this great establishment here in the Fort Lauderdale  area:

“This is a southern seafood joint. I enjoy the clams, the snow crab, the catfish here… everything is blast-from-the-70s decor, but I like it. It feels like the real south in here, which is hard to find in the Fort Lauderdale area, (you have to go north to go ‘south’). And it’s so inexpensive compared to restaurants of comparable quality. It’s so “down home”.

Beware of the all-you-can-eat deals though. They’re only priced a dollar more for a reason…because unless you have a really really huge appetite, all you can eat is the regular sized entree. Portions are huge here, and come with lots of sides. But if you can handle it, go ahead, try the all-you-can-eat stone crab legs.

Where else can you find someplace that offers all-you-can-eat stone crab? But my boyfriend and I failed to eat much more than 2 lbs each; we about died.

Check their website for the specials of each day. At night it can get crowded at prime time depending on the special of the day.

Fort Lauderdale Real Estate

“We passed up stone crabs at Joe’s Stone Crabs on Miami Beach the night before because we were planning on Deweys in the Fort Lauderdale area the next night…hmmm $45 for 7 or 8 claws at Joe’s or $39 for all you can eat stone and snow crab at Deweys??? Duh!

7 of us ate here on Thursday night. We were seated quickly and well taken care of. The stone and snow crabs were awesome…and just kept coming. One of the guys had the catfish and said it was delicious. Don’t waste your time (or appetite) on the included side dishes…it’s all about the crab!!

This place reminded me of a panhandle seafood joint…laid back atmosphere with great food. Joe’s Key lime pie was better…but Dewey’s was pretty good.” By Steve S., Alpharatta, GA

“GREAT FOOD GREAT SERVICE. We were sent down from NY State DOT for clean up after hurricane Wilma. Once we found Deweys we went every chance we got. FRIENDLY and great atmosphere. Was the best place I have found to eat in all of FLORIDA. Went on a cruise and drove up from Miami to eat there again and it was AWESOME food. Going back for a cruise in Feb. and made hotel reservations in the area just so we could eat there again. The service was friendly and good and the food was EXCELLENT every time we went.

DON’T GO TO FORT LAUDERDALE WITHOUT GOING TO CATFISH DEWEYS. Anyone that I have taken there has loved the food and the service. Oh, and the prices are moderate, as well.

Wow, I guess they really liked the place! I know we do, Catfish Deweys  is one of our favorite restaurants in the Fort Lauderdale area.. Please stop by there, the service is tremendous, food fantastic, great prices and what an atmosphere. Enjoy!!

Open daily from 11:30 AM – 10:00 PM

4003 N. Andrews Avenue

Oakland Park, Florida



Chima Restaurant In Fort Lauderdale Review | Don’t Eat Here Until You Read This!

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Chima Restaurant In Fort Lauderdale Review | Don’t Eat Here Until You Read This!

There are as many as 4,000 restaurants in the Fort Lauderdale area. From your fast food joints to your ultra fine dining restaurants, you will never go hungry in Fort Lauderdale.

There is a dizzying array of places to choose from, so some researching will have to be done in order for you to find the type of dining experience you are looking for. You will find New Florida taste treats-seafood straight from the sea and field-fresh fruits and veggies.

The restaurants range from tiny cafes to expansive al fresco waterfront dining. An abundance of quaint bistros, ethnic enclaves and top-rated steak and seafood houses bolster the Fort Lauderdale area as a world-class destination for pleasurable culinary exploration.

We’ll begin our series of dining experiences with one area at a time. Let’s start with the famous Las Olas Boulevard. There are a number of restaurants on this lovely, tree-lined street. Many have been in the area for years, and are well-known, established eateries.

Chima is beginning to settle in as one of the most sought-after dining experiences here. The high-quality food, service, and general overall atmosphere has become a favorite among locals.

The feel is laid-back elegance as you are walking down the street, peering into the many one-of-a-kind boutiques, art galleries, antique shops, and of course, restaurants.

The al-fresco experience awaits you as you will see, there are many tables set up outside so the diners may take advantage of the Las Olas lifestyle, the great weather, and people watching.

One of the first places you will want to see is Chima Brazilian Steakhouse. Guests will find a most unique dining experience at Chima. Churrasco is the Brazilian style of barbecue.

“Churrascaria” and “rodizio” are the hottest buzzwords in today’s restaurant whirl, where the booming Brazilian population has pioneered and popularized its traditional steakhouses featuring a non-stop parade of gaucho-clad servers bearing giant skewers of meats directly from the rotisserie grill to the tables for slicing to order.

Beef in all its cuts is the headliner, but there’s also skewed sausage, pork, lamb, chicken and even some seafood on the side.

Preceding the parade is your own participation in round-tripping to the salad bar, a too-modest name for all the display of freshness and national specialties on the Brazilian buffet plus smoked salmon and soup, along with such traditional side dishes as black beans and rice, mashed potatoes and a great variety of olives.

But before attempting the huge salad bar, you should salute your good fortune at being able to be in the Pampas of southern Brazil with a classic “caipirinha,” a cocktail made with squeezed sugar cane liquor and lots of lime, sometimes with the infused additives of coconut, passion fruit and strawberry.

Desserts are well prepared a mousse made with passion fruit or a slice of rich cheesecake, Key lime pie or tiramisu, and the wine list is extensive.

The up-scale restaurant, with it’s  incredible architecture indoors as well as out is so inviting and warm. The decoration is magnificent, with a linear, simplistic-contemporary Brazilian style. They have a very extensive modern art collection as well.

Relax outside where you can sip on an aperitif before dining, and enjoy the gigantic Banyan tree over your head, the music faintly sounding in the background, as you prepare for a wonderful meal.

Chima Brazilian Steakhouse
2400 E. Las Olas Blvd.

Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33301

Fort Lauderdale Condominiums For Sale!

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Great deals exist on Fort Lauderdale Condominiums. Oceanfront luxury to downtown hi-rise units, I can show you a big selection of condos for sale.

If you are looking to purchase a luxury Fort Lauderdale condominium, now is a great time to do so. I know, that sounds like a sales pitch or something you’d be likely to hear on some national Realtor commercial. (I hate those cheesy commercials) The fact of the matter is this. There are only so many oceanfront complexes in all of South Florida and what we are now seeing is that those who were waiting for the market to stabilize are now seeing unheard of prices for some of the most luxurious condos that you can imagine.

One thing you have to be careful of when buying Fort Lauderdale condos is the financial condition of the HOA. Some complexes have been hit so bad by foreclosures that many HOA’s are on life support or worse. Many complexes are not financeable due to liens and the high level of foreclosures.

I can tell you that if you are looking at one of the oceanfront communities on or adjacent to Fort Lauderdale Beach that you will not have this problem. We’re seeing most of our buyers coming in from out of the area and many are paying cash. The Fort Lauderdale condominium market seems to be somewhat economically resistant. That’s the luxury beach front complexes for the most part.

Sure, there are some complexes experiencing trouble, but I can show you the financially stable ones and guide you through the maze of disclosures that you will need to obtain this information when you are performing your due diligence.

When you’re ready to look at a Fort Lauderdale condominium, give me a call at 800-343-5701 or drop me an email.

24th Annual Las Olas Art Fair Part I

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24th annual Las Olas Art Fair

24th Annual Las Olas Art Fair PartI edition takes place January 7th & 8th, 2012 Saturday & Sunday 10:00 AM- 5:00 PM on Las Olas Blvd. in Fort Lauderdale.

It seems like just yesterday that I met art fair Impresario Howard Alan.  He had produced his first art fair for the Las Olas Association and it was a big hit with the visitors and merchants… Here it is 24 years later, and he not only produces three art fairs a year on Las Olas, he’s become known as “The King of Art”.

As the country’s largest promoter of art and craft shows, Howard Alan Events has produced some of the nation’s finest juried art shows, including more than 40 venues throughout the country each year such as the Downtown Aspen Art Festival, Beaver Creek Art Festival, Downtown Naples Art Festival, Chicago Tribune Magnificent Mile Art Festival, Las Olas Art Fair, and many more.

The group’s founders personally select unique, culture rich cities for their show locations providing a complete out-door experience unmatched by other festivals. Each show is unique with works of new and upcoming artists as well as established artists.


This year, the Las Olas Art Fair takes place on Las Olas Boulevard between S.E. 6th Avenue and S.E. 11th Avenue, where the streets are closed to vehicular traffic. In those two days, Las Olas is transformed into a first-class outdoor art showcase complete with 150 artists and $15 million in artwork available for sale. Admission is free and open to the public.

“We are looking forward to painting the town with 15 million dollars of art,” said The King of Art Howard Alan.  Produced by Howard Alan Events, the Las Olas Art Fair is one of the top outdoor art festivals in the country.

In order to ensure a superior art event with only the highest quality of original artwork, the Las Olas Art Fair is a juried art show in which all of the local and national artists have been hand-selected from hundreds of applicants.

Over 100,000 people visit the festival!

Whether you are a casual art enthusiast, festival-goer or avid collector, there is something for everyone.  From $25 hand-designed earrings and $50 prints, to $20,000 metal sculptures, original artwork will cover a full spectrum of mediums, including paintings, sculptures, photography, glass, ceramics, mixed media and more.

Unlike a typical gallery setting, all of the artists will be at the festival with their artwork, giving visitors the opportunity to talk with the artists, learn about their art and what inspires them, and of course purchase or commission original pieces.

Howard Alan Events is the country’s largest promoter of art and craft shows, boasting more than 40 venues throughout the country each year such as the Downtown Aspen Art Festival, Beaver Creek Art Festival, Downtown Naples Art Festival, and the Chicago Tribune Magnificent Mile Art Festival.  The group’s founders personally select unique, culture rich cities for their show locations providing a complete out-door experience unmatched by other festivals. Each show is unique with works of new and upcoming artists as well as established artists.

Hours are 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. on both days.  For additional information on the Las Olas Art Fair and other Howard Alan Events art and craft shows across the country, visit the Art Festival website.

Fort Lauderdale Real Estate Agent Will Put You On TV!

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Fort Lauderdale Real Estate Agent Will Put You On TV!

Are you trying to sell your home on your own or perhaps with an agent who is simply not getting it done? Well…would you like to see how quickly I can sell your home for you? Would you like to have a great time selling your home?

Really, I’m serious. What if you could have a nationally recognized television film the entire process of getting your home sold? Imagine the exposure. Imagine the opportunities.

Well, give me a call or drop me an email and that might just happen to you. I’m looking for some very select homeowners in Fort Lauderdale, or anywhere in South Florida who would like to join me on a television show.

The show is called “My First Sale” and it’s a really cool premise.


My First Sale“, is a popular primetime HGTV show, and I’m looking for some first-time home sellers here in South Florida.

The producers are looking for fun, high-energy people who are just starting the process of selling their first place! Here’s how they recently described the show to me:

Think buying your first place is tough? Try selling it! My First Sale takes the proven and successful docudrama format of My First Place and turns it upside down — telling the story from the seller’s point of view.

Selling your first place means the stakes are even higher than when you purchased. More pressure, more jeopardy, more to gain — and potentially thousands to lose. For HGTV viewers, My First Sale has even more drama and, most important, more valuable takeaways to help viewers make top dollar on their own sale.Our cameras will be there to capture all the trials and tribulations, stress and success of prepping for sale, pricing, negotiating, and ultimately selling a home for the first time.

Taping will begin in Fall 2010 and will continue through Spring 2011. Ideal candidates will be motivated, financially candid people who want to share the experience and the purchase details with HGTV and their audience. Singles, couples and families are all invited to apply!

If selected to appear on an episode of My First Sale, home sellers will receive a DVD copy of the episode to enjoy for years to come.

Does this sound like something you would want to be involved in? If so let me know and we’ll see if we can get the details worked out. Don’t delay. Production begins very soon and we’re going to want to get some very lucky home sellers in on this as soon as possible.

It’s a blast being in front of the cameras. I made this video in our office and it gave me a chance to poke a little fun at our industry. I’m not at all being snarky..just playing in front of the camera so any of my colleagues out there and see this and start getting irked up…just chill. I’m just having some fun.

With that being said, (per the advisement of the suits), get in touch with me if you want to participate!