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Fort Lauderdale Condominiums For Sale!

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Great deals exist on Fort Lauderdale Condominiums. Oceanfront luxury to downtown hi-rise units, I can show you a big selection of condos for sale.

If you are looking to purchase a luxury Fort Lauderdale condominium, now is a great time to do so. I know, that sounds like a sales pitch or something you’d be likely to hear on some national Realtor commercial. (I hate those cheesy commercials) The fact of the matter is this. There are only so many oceanfront complexes in all of South Florida and what we are now seeing is that those who were waiting for the market to stabilize are now seeing unheard of prices for some of the most luxurious condos that you can imagine.

One thing you have to be careful of when buying Fort Lauderdale condos is the financial condition of the HOA. Some complexes have been hit so bad by foreclosures that many HOA’s are on life support or worse. Many complexes are not financeable due to liens and the high level of foreclosures.

I can tell you that if you are looking at one of the oceanfront communities on or adjacent to Fort Lauderdale Beach that you will not have this problem. We’re seeing most of our buyers coming in from out of the area and many are paying cash. The Fort Lauderdale condominium market seems to be somewhat economically resistant. That’s the luxury beach front complexes for the most part.

Sure, there are some complexes experiencing trouble, but I can show you the financially stable ones and guide you through the maze of disclosures that you will need to obtain this information when you are performing your due diligence.

When you’re ready to look at a Fort Lauderdale condominium, give me a call at 800-343-5701 or drop me an email.