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Spring Break Fort Lauderdale Style | The Party Is Back!

By March 15, 2011Attractions

Spring Break Fort Lauderdale Style | The Party Is Back!

Do you remember being in college? Aaah…what a great time we had on Spring Break in Fort Lauderdale. 10 of us crammed into a room at the old Jolly Roger hotel. HavingĀ  our meals at the Candy Store buffet and washing it down with warm beer. The now infamous Wet-T contests with the “local” ringers. Bailing my roommate out of jail for being a complete moron. Peeing in the ocean while chasing a Frisbee…good times…good times.


Well the good times are back. The kids are swarming upon Fort Lauderdale again after a long hiatus. No, you don’t have to worry about it taking hours to drive down A1A, but it’s still nice to see the strip bustling with business and activity.

What I used to look at as a good time I now look at as potential income and right now, Spring Break in Fort Lauderdale is giving some area businesses a big boost. Even if the police have to occasionally look the other way.

Spring Break Fort Lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale once again appears to be an increasingly popular destination for Spring Breakers. With all of the violence in Mexico, the Fort Lauderdale area offers some distinct advantages and it’s a safe destination.

“I think the city has really tried to get them back here, not so much like the ridiculousness that it used to be, but something that is comfortable for both the college kids, the regular tourists and the families,” said Michele Penrod, owner of the Elbo Room. (Anyone remember Penrod’s and the Button?…OMG!!)

Four Florida cities made the Top 10 list of Spring Break destinations booked on Orbitz.com, including Orlando at No. 1, Fort Lauderdale at No. 5, Fort Myers at No. 6 and Tampa at No. 7.

In affordability, Fort Lauderdale moved up two notches from No. 7 last year, as its average rate for hotels fell to $125 a night from $138 last year.

It’s estimated that as many as 300,000 spring breakers will hit Fort Lauderdale this year. I know the business owners we’ve spoken to along the beach couldn’t be happier with the return of Spring Break to Fort Lauderdale.

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